UK-Congolese Diaspora Conference: Innovation and Transformation

About this event

Congolese UK Diaspora Conference (Summit) 2022 : “Transformation and Innovation”

“Engagement, Connection, Opportunities and Participation”

08 October 2022


Join us for the 1st Edition of the UK Congolese Diaspora Summit 2022 learn and hear from Congolese global speakers including our experts’ partners in key economic, education, and public health industries.

The conference will be Virtual (Online).

Theme: “Innovation and Transformation in DR Congo”.


17.00 – 17:30: Introduction

17:30 – 18:00: Presentation

18:00 – 18:30: Questions and Answers

18.30-18.50: Conclusion

18.50-19.00: End and Thank you notes

This summit provides huge opportunities to support companies and individuals in order to increase their brand awareness, establish new professional and business relationships, acquire new clients, promote products and services, learn new economic and market opportunities.

For enquiries, please contact Congolese Diaspora Return (#CDReturn) team at or visit


#CDReturn is a UK-registered company specialised in connecting global Congolese professionals in the diaspora on issues around education, economic growth, and public health.

We focus on encouraging, empowering, and connecting Congolese professionals including their partners in entrepreneurship, education, public health, and economic growth in order to positively impact the lives of young people in DRCongo.

We play the role of lobbying and advocacy on the behalf of global Congolese professionals in the Diaspora, and also support young people and families programmes in DRCongo.

#CDReturn main objectives are to influence policy and practice affecting DRCongo’s development. Here, we create links and bring added value discussion between professionals and the Congolese Diaspora who are contributing to DRCongo’s UK effective dialogue. Our discussions are on challenging policy perspectives that neglect the crucial role that the Diaspora plays in DRCongo’s development.

*The ticket sales will fund free training, mentoring schemes, and job opportunities for young people aged 11-25 across Kinshasa to match potential new recruits.

#CDReturn in Kinshasa aims to demonstrate the value and importance of having strong youth participation and representation in projects. “Elenge Participation” is a framework we are setting in place to evaluate the level and depth of young people’s participation in shaping Education, Economic Growth, and Public Health projects or services that will be tackling their needs.


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